Current Issues

The WDHA is committed to be involved in all issues pertaining to deer and deer hunting. However often there are controversial issues that require additional information based on credible scientific and ecological principles. Currently these issues are:

Deer Baiting and Feeding

This is a very controversial issue in Wisconsin. However the evidence clearly indicates that these practices are harmful to deer, and deer hunting. Our position is not based on ethics, and that can be illustrated by the fact that members of our corporate board have fed and baited deer in the past. You will find an overwhelming amount of unbiased and well documented information on this site that justifies our position on deer baiting and feeding, which is summarized in the article below. Note the date - February 18, 2002, about 2 weeks prior to the discovery of CWD in Wisconsin. We thought it might be of interest to point out our concerns with CWD at that time.

Deer Baiting and Feeding Statement

Game Farming of Cervids

The movement of captive cervids (members of the deer and elk family) has been linked to the spread of CWD and Bovine TB throughout North America. There are other issues too such as genetic pollution due to hybridization, privatization of wildlife, and public perception of so called shooting preserves. Game farming of deer and elk is a serious threat to the health and welfare our wild deer and elk populations, and thus the WDHA is opposed to such practices.

Game Farm Statement

We also plan to address other hot topics such as deer population, private land access, hunting seasons/dates and hunter education in the near future. Stay tuned.

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