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The WDHA started as a small grass roots effort in the spring of 2002. Each year we watched with growing concern over what was happening with deer management and the impact of special interest groups. We also participated in the Conservation Congress Deer 2000 process and realized no one was concerned over the most important part, the resource. It seemed everyone had an issue or an axe to grind with the DNR, but that very few people actually understood the real problems or even basic principles wildlife biology. We realized that if we didn't do anything these problems were going to destroy deer hunting as we know it. So we talked to a lot of people, gathered the information and submitted the papers. Now our task is to educate other hunters and the public about what's best for our magnificent deer herd.

You will not find a group of more dedicated deer hunters than our board of directors. We are all volunteers, and what sets us apart from other organizations is none of us have a financial interest in deer or deer management. Nor are we part of the anything for a "buck" crowd. We all love deer and deer hunting simply for the pure enjoyment it brings.

The WDHA is a statewide organization governed by an 8 member board of directors. Our directors have a wide variety of backgrounds, and they live and hunt all over Wisconsin. We also have a former deer research biologist as our technical advisor. Additionally we also have relationships with some of the most respected wildlife biologists in the world, such as Val Geist.

Our current plans are to grow the organization and let the members decide our future structure. This may include chapters and/or regions. In any event we'll take the best we know from other organizations and apply it to ours.

All funds raised will be spent in Wisconsin on our mission to promote deer hunting and wildlife management backed by the principles of biology. We have developed relationships with other organizations in the state because we think it's easier to work with people than against. If you like what you see or need further information feel free to contact me or our board of directors at the email and regular mailing address below. And may all your deer hunting experiences be safe and sucessful, no matter how you define them.


Mark A. Toso
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