Our Mission - Do What's Best for the Resource

The Wisconsin Deer Hunters Association is a non-profit organization founded to advance the interests of deer management and deer hunting in Wisconsin. Unfortunately today wildlife management decisions are more influenced by politics and special interest groups than current science-based wildlife management principles. The WDHA seeks to change this and provide a strong, unified voice for deer and deer hunting.

Our mission is to present original critical thinking about wildlife conservation, deer management and hunting. We strive to build bridges between all beneficiaries of a healthy vibrant deer herd and we represent all types of deer hunters, be it gun, bow, or camera. Other deer hunting groups may claim they are politically active, but refuse to tackle the difficult issues, or provide their members critical information on issues directly affecting our deer herd. Our mission is to develop real workable solutions. And most importantly we guarantee every issue will be supported by information based on credible scientific and ecological principles.

With hard work and energy we plan to build the WDHA into the premier deer hunting organization in Wisconsin. We have access to some of the brightest wildlife biologists in the world, and information on deer ecology little known to the general public. We believe hunting involves more than just killing, that there are deer shooters as opposed to deer hunters, and that our deer herd should not be exploited by a select few for profit. If you are shocked by what some people call hunting, believe that politics and special interests has replaced wildlife management, truly care for the health and welfare of our deer herd, consider joining our organization. Let's keep the wild in wildlife!

With the WDHA you can:

  • Protect and preserve deer hunting in Wisconsin
  • Be part of a collective voice to the DNR and Legislature
  • Become a better hunter and true wildlife conservationist
  • Preserve a way of life for future generations
  • Become part of the solution, not part of the problem

What membership in the WDHA helps support:

  • Maintaining the most comprehensive online library of information critical to proper scientific based deer management issues
  • Organizing hunters and other interested parties to pursue changes to preserve traditional hunting methods
  • Investigations to uncover the political process that hamstring our wildlife biologists and prevent true science-based deer management.
  • Providing expert testimony on issues critical to deer hunting and management at public hearings, meetings and conventions
  • Establishing working relationships with legislators, conservation organizations and the DNR
  • Funding studies on deer management, wildlife diseases and other potential threats to deer hunting
  • Promote hunter safety and ethical behavior to improve the public image of deer hunting
  • Providing updates to members on the latest deer management and hunting news
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